Itzik Dadya – Singer With An “EGO”

by yossi | July 28, 2018 8:45 pm

Singer and artist Itzik Dadya with additional single “Ego” from his new album that will be released soon. The song with an interesting name was written and conducted by Gili Zakai and produced by Doron Elimelech.

The Singer and artist Itzik Dadya rushes towards his fourth album. Following three hits written and conducted by himself that were released in last months and took over the playlists on radio, Itzik releases ‘Ego‘, additional single from his new album, produced by his personal manager David Fadida.

Unlike his previous hits written and conducted entirely by Itzik, this time Gili Zakai joins the team and writes and conducts the song, while Doron Elimelech stands behind its musical production.

In ‘Ego,’ Itzik goes back to Mizrachi style that so characterized his previous albums, and adds a touch of up-to-date world music. The result is perfect – summer hit that ultimately draws attention and curiosity, and again will break the glass ceilings and reach every ear in Israel and abroad.

“The song ‘Ego‘ talks about our constant pursuit of money and materials achievements”, says Itzik Dadya. “In today’s reality we tend to forget to stop for a moment and to look at what is really important, at what we can really take with us onward. Gili sent me the song and I immediately felt connected to the text, I think it’s an important message that should be passed on”.

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