Israeli Chabad Singer & Guitarist In A Unique Music Video About Distributing The 7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach

by yossi | February 7, 2021 9:35 am

Barak Grossberg, who is known as a high-level guitar player, has released a number of songs in recent years and worked with well-known singers in the religious/ultra-Orthodox sector, now releasing an original and new song in English called Keep The Order, written for the purpose of spreading seven commandments of the sons of Noah, as requested by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, addressing an audience all over the world in an effort to create global unity and a corrected and right worship of god among the nations of the world.

The song is accompanied by a beautiful and invested clip, shot in spectacular locations in the Kfar Chabad, which was photographed and edited with great talent by photographer Yanki Elharar.

Barak, who grew up in a non-observant home, from the musical brass of Tel Aviv and repented through Chabad, is known as a fine rocker who combines Jewish-Chassidic content in his songs with the goal of mission and breaking down barriers in an effort to bring true and complete redemption.

Lyrics and melody: Barak Grossberg
Musical Production: Barak Grossberg
Photography and Editing: Yanki Elharar
Cover Design: Elad Halevi
PR: Mendy kurant

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