“Ish Ha’Chalomot” The Official Music Video Of The Upcoming Shirim V’niflaot B’Mamlechet Ha’Chalomos

by yossi | November 20, 2018 3:42 pm

This coming Chanukah the musical Shirim V’niflaot B’Mamlechet Ha’Chalomos will be going up on stage. The performance will take place in a special theater in Ramat Gan during Chanukah.

In advance of the grandiose performance, a heavily invested upon clip was released for the song Ish Ha’Chalomot. The song was written, composed, and arranged by Itzik Dadya.

The cast is comprised of Dudu Fisher, Itzik Dadya, the Kinderlach, Shuki Solomon, Adi Ran, Uziah Tzadok,and the FDD Vocals choir.

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