Better With You: Isaac & Rubenstein

by yossi | June 5, 2023 11:09 am

Better With You‘ by Isaac & Rubenstein is an upbeat acoustic guitar-based Niggun with rich harmonies and a catchy melody. Its underpinning lyrical hook, “Life’s so much better with You” is a testimony to Hashem, in as much that every aspect of our life is enriched, never lonely, and can only reach its true potential because of Him.

‘Better With You’ is based on the posuk found in Devarim (4:4) “You who cling to Hashem, your God, are all alive today”, teaching us that the way to truly live life is being as close to Him and His Torah as possible. If you hold on tight, it will lift you up to tremendous heights both in the physical and spiritual realms.

Isaac & Rubenstein have a unique and big sound for a small three-piece line-up, bringing Jewish music back to its roots, with live instruments and an authentic yet fresh Jewish sound. ‘Better With You’ is the 2nd of three live recordings to be released by the band in the forthcoming months.

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Dan Isaac and Binyomin Rubenstein have been creating and performing contemporary Jewish music around the world for over 13 years, mainly under the stage name of Shtar. Their inspiring Jewish music project comes from an array of nigunim (songs), developed, recorded, and produced by the duo in Israel. With the addition of their bass player, Yitzchak Mordechai, Isaac & Rubenstein create acoustic, live, real, and beautiful music with memorable melodies and rich harmonies that will touch the soul. Their unique blend of sound is an expression of their passion for music and d’vekus to Hashem


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