Introducing “Birchas Hachoidesh” – A Captivating Single by Yechiel Schron

by yossi | July 3, 2023 5:30 pm

Blessed with an unbelievable voice, Yechiel takes us on a musical journey with a heartfelt prayer that we have the honor of reciting before each new month enters the calendar.

In this prayer, we beseech Hashem to shower us with abundant blessings of life, encompassing health, wealth, nachas (joy), and a deep connection to Yiras Shomayim. Yechiel‘s soul-stirring rendition brings these heartfelt wishes to life, touching the depths of our souls.

Composed by the talented Yitzy Waldner, “Birchas Hachoidesh” showcases a beautiful melody that resonates with the essence of the prayer. Yitzy Waldner‘s skillful production elevates the project to new heights, while the renowned Israeli music arranger Yehuda Galili adds his magic touch to create a captivating track.

Listen and enjoy this enchanting single as it fills your heart and soul with the divine blessings of life. Allow Yechiel‘s voice to uplift your spirit and ignite your faith as you embrace the timeless power of prayer.

Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Yehuda Galili
Choir by: David Taub
Vocals recorded @ Studio 6, Lakewood NJ
Mixed & Mastered by: Yaniv Balas
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