Get Hyped For Purim – U’Mordchai Loi Yichra By Motty Atias

by yossi | February 27, 2023 5:34 pm

As we approach Purim – the happiest day of the year. Motty Atias, composer and artist, for the very first time releases a energetic song that will hype you up and bring you into a great spirit for this special day.

Motty is known for his beautiful songs especially his latest hit – “Aheim Kein Yerushalayim” that has become very well know and is sung worldwide at weddings, kumzitz etc.

A couple of weeks ago Motty was on the phone with a friend – and was asked, “how about you make a good song for Purim?
With the words “ומרדכי לא יכרע”
Motty decided that after the many requests by friends, fans and followers to make a dance style song, this song was born.

Motty approached the talented Yanky Cohen with the song and then invited his friend and rising star Heedy Rosenberg, to complete this project,
The rest is history!

Here it is! Dance with it, Jump with it and have a fun and uplifting Purim!

With heartfelt appreciation, Your friend Motty.

Composed & Sung: Motty Atias
Produced: Heedy Rosenberg
Music Arrangements & Mix: Yanky Cohen
Vocal Production: Moshe Jacob @upbeat Haven studio, Monsey NY
Choir arrangements, Backup vocals: Heedy Rosenberg & Moshe Jacobs
Cover Design
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime
Pinchus Raab @PR Marketing Group
Inspired by Yonason Weinberger

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