“Hupp Kozak” Shira Choir & The Yochi Briskman Orchestra

by yossi | May 26, 2020 2:26 pm

Hupp Kozak a brand new production of a classic chabad nigun performed by the Shirah Choir and the Yochi Briskman Orchestra recorded live at the Hertz-Levin wedding 3/8/20 at the Legacy Castle.

Produced and conducted by: Yochi Briskman
Shirah Choir conducted by: Yoely Horowitz
Audio mixed by: AJ Greenwald
Video filmed by: Motty Engel and Ben Hesh
Video edited by: Platinum Edit

Yochi Briskman [email protected] +1 718-438-5608
Shirah Choir [email protected] com
Platinum Edit [email protected]
Motty Engel [email protected]
Ben Hesh [email protected]

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