“Hotziah” The Uplifting New Single From Ruli Ezrachi

by yossi | January 29, 2024 12:17 pm

Renowned artist, producer and composer Ruli Ezrachi is back with a soul-stirring new release, “Hotziah,” marking his return to the music scene after a year-long hiatus. Known for his heartfelt compositions and moving arrangements, Ruli Ezrachi takes listeners on a powerful journey with this latest creation.

Ruli shared the inspiration behind “Hotziah,” emphasizing the significance of the current state of affairs in Israel and the world. In these challenging times, he believes that there is a collective yearning for freedom and release from personal struggles. The song delves into the depths of our individual and shared experiences, providing a musical sanctuary for those seeking solace.
“This song is a reflection of the times we’re living in,” says Ruli Ezrachi. “Amidst the current challenges, I felt compelled to create a piece that resonates with the universal longing to break free from our personal prisons and find light in the darkness.”

Hotziah” is not just a mere composition; it’s a heartfelt plea for liberation, both on a personal and collective level.
With Ruli Ezrachi handling the composition and arrangement, the track promises a unique blend of emotive lyrics and captivating melodies that speak directly to the soul.

As the haunting vocals weave through the tapestry of the music, listeners will find themselves drawn into a world where the inner voice is given a voice, reaching out to the Hashem for release from the shackles of personal suffering.

The release of “Hotziah” couldn’t be more timely, offering a poignant soundtrack for those navigating the complexities of our current reality. Ruli Ezrachi invites music enthusiasts to join him on this introspective journey, embracing the healing power of music as a means to transcend our collective struggles.


Composed & Arranged by: Ruli Ezrachi
Drums by: Barak Aharon
Bass by: Aryah Volnitz
Keyboards, Guitars & Programming by: Ruli Ezrachi
Mix & Master by: V-Gold

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