Hashpuos – Mordechai Ben David – R’ Cheskie Weisz – Hashpaous [Album Sampler]

by yossi | March 12, 2022 8:20 pm

After a high rate of success with his first album Lev El Hanshama, R’ Cheskie Weisz is bringing a brand new project to the Jewish music world. The new album, titled Hashpaous, features eleven beautiful tracks, one of which features Mordechai Ben David, the consummate king of Jewish music.

When Yeedle and Zevy Fried first brought this project to MBD, the songs had a profound impact on him, and he decided to pursue it right away. R’ Cheskie‘s compositions speak directly to the listener’s heart, and when the king of Jewish music sings them, you know it’s a big deal. People can now hear Cheskie’s cherished compositions through the most illustrious sources in Jewish music history. This group of producers combines the best of the industry.

Every Jewish home will undoubtedly benefit from this album’s great hashpaous!

Album is to be released on March 15th 2022.

Produced by: Yeedle and Yossi Tyberg
Songs Composed by: R’ Cheskie Weisz⁣
Songs performed by: Mordechai Ben David⁣
Music Arranged by: Moshe Laufer, Eli Laufer, Yehuda Glili, Eli Lishinsky, Avi Singolda
Choir Arranged by:⁣ R’ Hershel Brisk
Recorded At: Artsonic Studios NY, Gal Kol Studios Israel, Graffwerks Studios NY, Pluto Studios Israel, Yossi Tyberg Studios NY
Vocals Recorded At: MBD Studios, Sea Gate, NY
Cover Design by: KZ Creative ⁣
Teaser by Yossi Tyberg

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