THANK YOU HASHEM | JOEY NEWCOMB ft. Moshe Storch [Official Music Video]

by yossi | August 31, 2019 9:03 pm

Performed by: Joey Newcomb
Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers
Produced and arranged by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DeG Studios NYC

Video by: Shimmy Socol
Actors: Joey Newcomb, Mikey Moss, Aryeh Blumstein, Moshe Blumstein, Yosh Friedman, Shia Fried

Making Hashem’s name great, again and again and again!!™
‘Thank You Hashem’ is a powerful sound bite. These simple words are a prayer, blessing, appreciation, sanctification, and expression of spiritual intimacy—all in one. Jews from all walks of life utter them in all life circumstances, finding meaning and strength in direct access to Hashem. Our mission is to ignite that passion and pride in every Jew worldwide. To remind us all that Hashem exists in every single aspect of life. That He loves each of us in every situation, environment, and spiritual position. And that by saying His name with gratitude, we return His love every day.
The Thank You Hashem movement began coincidentally. Or as we Jews believe it, with extreme hashgacha pratis. A group of friends traveled to Tzfas for a Shabbos farbrengen, and overheard a Jew saying “Thank You Hashem” casually. We were moved by how naturally he seemed to live with Hashem’s presence, and adopted it into the group’s lexicon.
In 2018, a family member was gifted their fourth child, a beautiful baby boy. One night, surrounded by friends, food and drinks, the father found himself humming a new tune to the words our matriarch Leah said at the birth of her fourth son: Hapa’am Odeh Es Hashem. That tune became our title song, and Thank You Hashem was forever ingrained in each of our souls.
The song took off, captivating people on social media. We realized the message of Thank You Hashem belongs to everyone. So we tested some swag and launched a basic Instagram page. Within 3 short months, it gained over 12,500 followers! Today, it’s clear this is a movement that’s here to stay. And go to all ends of the globe.
The TYH phenomenon is a runaway success, with participants from the United States, Canada, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Amsterdam and more. Jews are thirsty to connect to Hashem, and we can’t keep enough branded swag in stock! Our pipeline is flush with exciting projects and initiatives, and we can only do it with your support.
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