Happy Days – EN3RGY with Nesanel Cohen & Shira Choir

by yossi | February 25, 2023 9:45 pm

As hard as everyone worked on this project, and as talented as everyone involved is, it could not have come out as beautifully as it did without Hashem Himself giving special siyata dishmaya every step of the way.

Miracles” was originally released back in 1990, yet it’s message rings true now more than ever. En3rgy teamed up with Nesanel Cohen to remind you that even though we’re still facing these challenges, that magic moment we have all been waiting for is coming now.
Featuring the fresh arrangements you’ve come to expect from En3rgy, a moving performance by Nesanel and The Shira Choir‘s special touch, this music video is sure to keep you singing and dancing… just you wait and see!

Originally sung by MBD
Composed by Yossi Green
Performed by Nesanel Cohen
Music by En3rgy / Chaim Bokchin
Producer, Arranger and Guitarist – Chaim Bokchin
Drums – Yechiel Bokchin
Keys and Ableton Programming – Jacob Spadaro
Bass Guitar – Yaacov Weiner
Saxophones – Joe Natale / Will Hotaling
Trumpet – Ron Harter
Trombone – Nat Ranson
Percussion – Jonathan Gomez
Choir – Shira, Led by Yoeli Horowitz
Sound, Backline and Lighting – Solvetech
Mix – Joe Carrel
Mastering – Alan Silverman
Stage Design – Ushi Tessler

Video produced and filmed by: Motty Berkowitz

Video Marketing – I & Me Media
PR & Consulting – Normyn Media

Special thanks to Gershy Schwartz, Ruli Ezrachi, Pinny Mendelson and Yehuda Cohen

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