“Ha’am Sheli” (My People), Lazer Lloyd and Friends

by yossi | October 9, 2013 10:37 am

Lazer Lloyd, an Israeli guitarist and singer/songwriter, wrote a song entitled “Ha’am Sheli” (meaning “My People” or “My Nation” in Hebrew) in response to the frictions and tensions between different groups of Jews – especially in Israel. Lazer explains, “Before the Jewish people make peace with the world we first have to learn to love each other with all of our differences while not forgetting the unbelievable place of the Jewish people in the history of the world”.

Other Israeli musicians heard the song “Ha’am Sheli” as Lazer sang it with his acoustic guitar. They were moved by the message of love for all of the Jewish people and believed that the song has power to open hearts and bring about greater unity. A generous sponsor financed a recording of “Ha’am Sheli” at Supersonic Studios in Jerusalem with Lazer on electric guitar and vocal, plus the great voices of Gad Elbaz, Shlomo Katz, Naftali Kalfa, and Aaron Razel, a full band, and rich orchestration (composed and arranged by Aaron Razel). All the artists donated their efforts to the song as part of the “Ha’am Sheli” (My People) Project aimed at fostering a dialogue and educating the various people of Israel to love and appreciate each other and accept their differences with understanding.

The song was mixed and engineered by Amit Golan and then moved on to the video production process. The generous sponsor funded the video for “Ha’am Sheli” (My People). It was produced and directed by Ora-le-Nehora productions TV and Film pro Eldad Eilat. The video takes the viewer all over Israel from farm to city, meeting the faces of real folks that make up the loving face behind the homeland of the Jewish people.

The song will reach the orthodox community in Israel via a radio campaign being run by an Israeli PR specialist. The Orthodox crowd will hear the special message of the song on their own regular radio stations with the familiar voices of Aaron Razel, Gad Elbaz, Shlomo Katz, Naftali Kalfa and Lazer and his inspiring soaring guitar on the song in a style that everyone can enjoy.

The video will be played on Israeli TV and there will be interviews. To reach the largest possible audience, we will do an international campaign of social media and live musical events with diverse musicians. Events will feature a showing of the “Ha’am Sheli video, group performance (duo, trio, all kinds of groups) of the song live plus a program of Jewish music from around the world, stories, discussions, and receptions with refreshments so people can start to talk and get to know each other. These events will be held in Israel and abroad throughout 5774 (2013/14) starting in December, a big US “Ha’am Sheli (My People) Live” campus tour in February and another set of live events in the last week of March through first week of April with a major show in Toronto April 5th (motzei Shabbat). If we raise enough money via Kickstarter to support more events in the summer, we will take “Ha’am Sheli Live” to Europe and Australia. In between overseas events all year there will be weekly live events in Israel.

At the end of the one year of “Ha’am Sheli Live” events we will produce a special “Ha’am Sheli Live” DVD that will be available everywhere and bring additional ripples of inspiration to Jews and their friends in their homes and to share with friends. This DVD will include the full original “Ha’am Sheli” video shot in Israel by Eldad Eilat and exclusive behind the scenes footage from the production of the original video, and from the live events, plus a beautifully edited set of peformances from the live events, additional music and photos. It is going to be a DVD to cherish. To get one ordered in advance that will be signed by all the original musicians on “Ha’am Sheli” people can go to Kickstarter and donate to the “Ha’am Sheli Project”. There are lots of great, fun rewards for all donation levels.

It will be a year of learning about each other and spreading love and light with the power of music and song!

Website: http://lazerlloyd.com

Help us bring the Jewish people closer together this year with the “Ha’am Sheli” (My People) Project. Breaking Barriers & Enhancing Unity: A project to increase love & understanding among all Jews through the power of music and song.

Ha’am Sheli (My People)

Words and Music by Lazer Lloyd.
Guitars: Lazer Lloyd
Vocals (listed in order of first appearance): Lazer Lloyd, Gad Elbaz, Shlomo Katz, Aaron Razel, Naftali Kalfa
Bass: Arye Volnitz
Drums: Elimelech Grundman
Strings composed and arranged by Aaron Razel
Recorded and mixed by Amit Golan at SuperSonic Studios in Jerusalem

Link to the kickstarter campaign for the “Ha’am Sheli Project” http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lazerlloyd/haam-sheli-my-people-jewish-unity-music-project to do live musical Jewish Unity Events around the world in 5774 (2013/14) plus make the “Ha’am Sheli Live” DVD. Donations so far include: the musicians on the song, the financing for the video, the financing for the Israeli distribution costs in Hebrew on radio and TV. Now we are opening up the project the Jewish people and their friends around the world to help us take the song, the video, and live performances with music from diverse Jewish performers on one stage around the world to Jewish audiences to break barriers and enhance unity.

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