Grand Productions ft. Akiva Gelb & Zemiros Choir

by yossi | July 5, 2017 12:37 pm

Bursting onto the Jewish music scene with a signature tone and the hottest remastered classics, Grand Productions, the brainchild of rising star Yidel Breuer, is cementing its place on the stage with this highly anticipated inaugural music video.

The talent list is grand. Following Akiva Gelb’s lead, Zemiros Group delivers the goods with unique lines, strong harmonies and the famous vocal interplay between Yoily Polatseck, Yoely Friedrich, Toivy Friedman, and Duvi Hirsch.

As Chaim Bokchin climbs up the guitar fretboard, Jon Challoner and Danny Flam bring up the low end on trumpet and trombone, respectively. Will Hotaling on alto saxophone and Eitan Gofman on tenor saxophone round out the orchestra, creating one wonderful mesh of tonalities that leave you satisfied with the knowledge that Grand Productions is indeed the key to celebration™.

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