by yossi | May 26, 2017 10:02 am

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, a day known as “Yom Yerushalayim.” Even while the US president visits to pray and support, Jews are still under global pressure to forget, to give up, to leave… even disappear. Angry protesters around the world spread ignorance and resentful neighbors won’t leave us alone.

In a statement of pride, producer/performer Gershon Veroba’s new Ani Yisrael album shows him at his best, fusing many musical styles in one place, similar to how Israel unifies all Jews.

In the album’s first video, we’re assured that all Jews are considered Israelis. This time, “Let Me Be” is Gershon’s more serious protest anthem that reminds the world that we are wasting time and lives. It reiterates our unbreakable connection with Jerusalem and simply says “enough is enough.”

As before, filming was done on location in and around Jerusalem, including the beautiful Castel Museum, where Gershon drove home the importance of history with a 157 year-old grand piano.

Let Me Be” is dedicated to producer & musical genius Larry Gates, Gershon’s friend and the only one he chose to collaborate with on his own two songs from the album. Larry completed his work on the album in the final months of his heroic 7-year battle with cancer, passing away a week after release. Now in Israel, the wondrous miracle of life continues, but we’d like to live that life in peace. “Let Me Be” highlights that life and struggle… a struggle we will carry into the future if we must.

Composed by Gershon Veroba
Keyboards, Vocals: Gershon Veroba
Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Vocals: Larry Gates
Guitar: Dudi Seter
Drums: Matt Miller
Produced by Larry Gates & Gershon Veroba
Recorded at Gator Music, NJ
Video Written & Produced by Gershon Veroba
Directed by Aharon Orian
Director of Photography: David Orian
Line producer: Mendi Cohen
Editing: Aharon & David Orian
Post Production: Olam Media, Israel
& Town 6 Entertainment, NY

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