The Fresh New Hit To Open The Summer Season: Aaron Razel – Ulu

by yossi | May 11, 2020 11:37 am

On the eve of Lag B’Omer, Aaron Razal releases a his new hit song for this summer: “Ulu.” The sacred words of the song “עולו בנים קדישין”, from the Zohar composed by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, in the words he told his students.

So how was the song born? As always with Reb Aaron, it started with the story. “It happened to go to Meron, a year ago for Lag Baomer. I opened a small booklet that one of the chassidim handed out for distribution of the Zohar, entitled ‘Toroso Magen Lanu/The Torah Protects Us’ with the commentary of the ‘Masuk Midvash’. I started reading it a little. No case in the world, the page that opened with a short section with These special words: “When Rabbi Shimon’s talmidim came to see on their faces that they were engaged in Hashem’s love for beni yisrael, he immediately said,”Baou Bonai Kedoshim.”

Razel, unsurprisingly, immediately blew medley into these words. “I had to compose the words! You could say I heard Rabbi Shimon inviting everyone to a great hilua! בואו בנים קדושים, בואו בנים האוהבים למלך, בואו אהובים שלי! And the final sentence: בואו בנים האוהבים זהלזה! Wow! These days, the days when we remember and mourn the students of Rabbi Akiva who did not respect each other … “. Indeed, looking at the words proves how kind, the love of Hashem and the love of Israel are in these words

The song itself is well-made and is ready to be played at weddings and reunions that will be ready for us all this summer. Razel joins the sure-hit notes and is convinced that the song and the great spiritual energies absorbed in it will delight many this year. Aaron ends with a wish for himself, and a blessing to all of us: Halevai that we should experience lot of Ahavas yisrael and to make peace before our Father in heaven.

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