Energetic LIVE Performance Shloimi Meisler ,Listig Band & Negina Choir

by yossi | January 16, 2021 6:37 pm

The world renowned singer Shloimi Meisler of Antwerp, Belgium, who has gained an incredible prominence and is a fixture at weddings, and at any given occasion alike, presents a real hit, energetic music video.

Meisler who grew up and resides in Antwerp, has in a short space of time risen to become a true sensation in the music world and a household name in the UK, Belgium, Zurich, Vienna, New York, Gibraltar and Israel, and gaining an ever-growing spectrum of fans
the world-over!

His sheer energy and sweet-sounding voice which is rich in character and emotion in addition to his special persona, has a finite ability to capture the audience and get them off their feet with real joy and delight! His natural talent of enthralling audiences and performing consistently has him standing tall in the entertainment

The Listig Band is a newly formed band of super-talented musicians who keep on excelling at break-neck speed! Their truly unique mix of sound and class already has them in the top group of highly esteemed and respected bands globally.

The Listig Band, the name says it all! A newly formed band, yet has proven itself for their high class musical excellence and performances that will sure get you into the vibe!

The Negina Choir consists of a spectacular group of singers who for the last decade and counting have featured at countless occasions. Their brilliant harmonious blend of voices and song enhancing arrangements is the reason for their continued success.

1. Chosson V’kallah – Yosef Chaim Shwekey
2. Besimcha – Shloime Gertner
3. Kuroiv – Michoel Schnitzler
4. A Gehoibene Zman – Yeedle
5. Keshem – Avraham Fried
6. Shifchi / Man Gantze Hartz – Shlomo Carlebach / Yoely Weiss
7. Anovim – Mendy Jerufi
8. Rekidala – Berry Weber

Solo : Shloimi Meisler
Music by : Listig Band / Lazer Abeles
Music arrangements by: Music director Asaf Flumendorf
Choir : Negina Choir
Vocal arranger , Choir Conducter : Shammai Schwartz
Event Production – Sound , Stage & Lighting : Simon Cohen Productions
Live sound engineer and recording: Norbert Sipos
Lightning Engineer : Craig Barker
Live Video & edited : Leor Films
Mixed & Mastered : Chaim Moses
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein • @MusicOnTime

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