Emotional Therapist Mordechai Roth Hosts Filmmaker & Guitarist Barak Grossberg – Degel Lavan

by yossi | December 12, 2019 7:59 am

Therapist and singer Mordechai Roth is releasing his new single Degel Lavan. The inspiration for the song came from having met two Jews before the Chagim, and hearing what they told him.

The first one was a man who had recently been divorced without having any children, and in conversation he told him in tears how lonely he felt, and that if something were to happen to him, no one in the world would even care or know about it. Loneliness is truly something awful.

On that same day he met another Jew who got annoyed and upset about every little thing that didn’t go his way in life. Then he had a heart attack which changed his life and his entire outlook. He met with a Rav who told him that he needs to put up a white flag already, which is the sign in battle that one side realizes that it doesn’t have a chance anymore of winning, so it uses the white flag to show its surrender. So too this man had to wave a white flag and surrender to Hashem and say to Him: “I will not longer fight, you do everything and are responsible for everything, I can’t do anything even if I fight until the end of my life.” That’s when this man decided to lay off and stop fighting, giving Hashem a chance to fight for him.

So Mordechai took his guitar last night and cried for those two men. The first verse of the song was then written for the man who felt alone, and the second verse for the man who decided to surrender to Hashem.

Mordechai is accompanied in this song by the guitarist and talented artist Barak Grossberg.

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