Following The emotional Duet With Avraham Fried, Amram Adar Releases New Song During These Difficult Times

by yossi | March 26, 2020 8:42 am

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Amram Adar releases a new single “Ata Imadi”.

“Now more then ever we have to strengthen our connection and Emunah within Am Israel. Once we truly understand where all this comes from, we will Believe wholeheartedly that “Ata Imadi“.

Hashem is with us through every step in life. Let’s Daven and work together to pass these difficult times” shares Amram with the world.

Lyrics: Tehilim, Itzik Shamli
Melody: Itzik Shamli, Amram Adar
Adaptation and musical production: Tamir Zur

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