Elia Vahav Releases New Single “Mevareich Otcha Yaldei”

by yossi | June 13, 2017 7:42 am

Elia Vahav wins the program “HaPaytan” on Channel 20 and releases a single + music video in which he describes the blessing of a father to his son: “מברך אותך ילדי איך גדלת תמיד ריגשת אותי בכל ליבי, בדרך שבה בחרת אל תשכח ילדי אלוקים פה שומר עליך/May you be blessed my song, how you grew up and you have always excited me with all my heart.”

Lyrics: Chuli Zakai
Music: Gil Nagar
Musical adaptation & production: Shai Reuveni

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