Einayim Organization With A New Cover For Purim: “Mi Y’maleil”

by yossi | March 16, 2022 7:59 am

A song about the importance of Shmiras Einayim released just in time for Purim!.
The Einayim Organization’s mission is to bring awareness to Shmiras Einayim through several initiatives like their 24 hour Shmiras Einayim support hotline among others.
We hope you enjoy this song!

Project By: Einayim Organization
Original Song: Zanvil Weinberger
Music By: Avrumy Berko
Sung By: Yoely Freund
Lyrics By: Yoel Burech Weiss
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

Source URL: https://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/einayim-organization-cover-purim-mi-ymaleil/