Ein Od Milvado – Tomer Adaddi & Avraham Fried

by yossi | March 29, 2022 2:35 pm

I’ve known Tomer for over a decade.
He is a wonderful musician and a man with a huge heart and soul.
I too, like other singers, won a few songs written for me, including the big hit, “Yerushalayim Sh’balev“.

A few months ago, Tomer called and suggested that we perform together the song, ‘Ein Od Milvado‘, which he composed, for the words of Yossi Gispan.
I felt this was a wonderful closure.
Next to the composition of the song, Tomer suggested I perform it.
Every song has an address and the song was published by my friend, the singer Shlomi Shabbat.
And now Tomer comes to the front stage and I’m beside him.
Have fun!!!

From the “Duet with the Composer” project

Lyrics: Yossi Gispen
Composing, arranging and playing all instruments: Tomer Hadadi
Vocals: Tomer Hadadi and Avraham Fried
Recorded in; Tomer Hadadi’s Attic Studio
Recordings sung by: Avraham Fried in the studio of Yossi Tyberg
Piano recordings at: Pen to Platinum Studio Miami
Piano Recording Technician: Pete Wallace
Mix and master at: Velohouse Studio Zurich, Switzerland
Mix and mastering technician: Shai Sivan

Video Production: DOVTOGRAPHIE
Concept clip: Dov Gurewicz and Tomer Hadadi
Photography and editing: Dov Gurewicz Dovtographie.com
Assistant Photographer: Luis Salas

Special thanks to Michael & Sylvia Kanoff for the beautiful location and warm hospitality

Artistic advice: Yossi Gispen and Yuval Stopel

Musicians in the video:
Violin – Moises Gabriel
Cello- Antuan
Contra bass- Jesse Katz
Fraction – Evan Klein

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