Duet For Shabbos: The New Music Video By Aaron Razel & Yoeli Klein “Shabbat Malketa”

by yossi | February 18, 2021 9:38 am

The interesting connection of the singer and composer Aaron Razel together with the hit machine Yoeli Klein gave birth to a duet that will put you in the atmosphere of Shabbat – “Shabbat Malkata“.

Behind the special duet is the “Tehila Nava” organization, which aims to host people and families in difficulty on Shabbta and Yomim Tovim and help them rise above the trials of life.

Every Shabbos the singer Yoeli Klein comes to revive his guests with the best Shabbat songs and from there the idea was born for a duet dedicated to all the thousands of guests of the “Tehila Nava” organization and in the hope that the song will add amounts of pleasure and joy to all of us.

The song was composed by Eli Zaria while the musical arrangement and production was entrusted to Yoeli Dickman, the duet is accompanied by a beautiful video clip shot by Beztalel Cohen.

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