Dudi Kalish Sings Meir Martin Widerker – Corona

by yossi | May 20, 2020 10:20 am

In the midst of the days of Corona, the composer Meir Martin Widerker feels obligated to create a new song to give strength and inspiration to Klal Yisroel – especially the Yiddish speakers – during these troubled days of Corona which has brought major changes in everyone’s lives. To this purpose Meir Martin wrote a very special song in Yiddish.

Meir Martin is a well-known composer who has previously co-authored projects with great Chasidish singers to produce his well known & exciting melodies.

In particular is the celebrated series “Shabbat Hamalka“, which until now have produced 36 Shabbat songs on YouTube. In a few days they will be coming out with another video in the series, with Hashem’s help.

The music of Meir Martin Widerker can be found at
and on YouTube.

At this time Meir Martin chooses to perform the song Corona with his close friend, the great play-write, the legendary Reb Dudi Kalish.

Concerning the connection between Martin to Dudi, Martin explains “the one who gave me the idea was the screenwriter and number one video photographer Yoni Tzur, who is signed on a number of my previous projects”. “In fact, he is the one who originally introduced me to Dudi…”. “When you think about it, where the emotion, the heart, the tears, the joy and the trembling are strongly felt at Simchas and significant events – in all occasions one hears the pleasant resounding voice of Dudi Kalish… I felt he would be the most fitting to perform the song…”.

Lyrics & composition by : Meir Martin Widerker
Singer: Dudi Kalish
Performance: Fire band conducted by Yanky Landau
Voice arrangement : Yanky Landau
Drums: Avi Mizrahi
Electric Guitar: Shlomi Bernstein
Bass Guitar: Shayki Kirshenbaum
Violin: Powell Levine
TS – Avrimi Goldstein
New media: Shiezoli
Photo and directing : Yoni Tzur

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