Dovid Pruzansky – Chuppa Medley

by yossi | January 21, 2023 6:52 pm

Dovid Pruzansky has been wowing crowds since joining the music industry a few short months ago. Now with his debut release, you can see what all the buzz is about!

This heartwarming medley featuring Dovid’s dynamic vocals, masterfully arranged by Shloimy Zaltzman brings a new flavor to your favorite Chuppa songs. Sit back, hit play and experience the emotion of a Chuppa wherever you are.

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Video Produced by Rafi Barides
Filmed & Co-directed by Motty Berkowitz
Set Design by Moshe Leib Gross and Chaim Gwertzman
Music Produced by Shloimy Zaltzman
Marketing: I & Me Media

Bossie Legani – Yonatan Shainfeld
Tefilas Ha’Neiros – Moshe Tischler
Birchat Hakohanim – Lior Narkis

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