The Debut Single & Music Video For David Taub “Lakum”

by yossi | March 26, 2019 7:53 am

Singer and composer David Taub (28), is known for many productions and events in which he serves as a leading singer and performer
with well-known bands at prestigious events. The voice of a nightingale and the authentic Chassidic taam accompanies his music at all stages of its creation, even in performing songs that are not his.

Recently, Taub has been famous for a number of exciting performances of music inspired by music. He grew up in the courtyard of Vizhnitz chasidism, to which he belongs. He was also famous for his brilliant performance of a cover version of the hit song Hineni composed by Boruch Sholom Blesofsky, in which Taub poured his unique style that made the song a popular hit which has won many accolades.

A decade later, he moves on “To Go Home” and breaks into a completely independent career as a solo artist, fulfilling his lifelong dream to sing music he wrote and composed himself. Now, a thief comes up with a “Lakum” the first taste from his upcoming intriguing debut album. In “Lakum“, as well as in the expected album, Taub expresses his abilities musically and gives 100% of himself by writing the lyrics, melody and even in the arrangement and production.

Lakum“, is a strong message and for that reason David decided that it needed to be accompanied by a beautiful music video. Behind the words, there are experiences, personality and deep insights that have helped Taub during his life. “They always told you that if you fell down, it was not terrible, you can also get up, and I say: the very fall is the sign to get up!.. “.

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