David Taub & Gil Israelov In A New Duet “Dayenu”

by yossi | April 6, 2022 8:16 am

The Chassidic producer, composer and musician David Taub hosts the singer and the Gil Israelov in a new single “Dayenu“, words that we know from the Hagaddah but with a new refreshing fun with antique poetic.

David explains that there is no more natural arrangement on the redemption of Egypt in the style of the regional music of Egypt.

“And so what brought me to compose such a song, it is only the great love for the piyut and mizrachi music, and for this reason I choose Gil Israelov who isn’t just a great singer, but also a great Spanish cantor and extensive knowledge of it.

Gil adds: “I did not dream that David would return me home.”

Happy and kosher Passover!

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