Dani Kunstler – Ki Heim Chayeinu [Official Music Video]

by yossi | June 25, 2020 4:54 pm

Inspired by a learning program called the Torat Shraga Workout, where boys are challenged to learn for many hours without stopping, Ki Heim Chayeinu has quickly become a fan favorite in Yeshiva, and becoming the Torah theme song so many young men cling to.

Composed & Arranged by Dani Kunstler
Guitars, Bass, & Mix by Aryeh Kunstler
Additional vocals by Baruch Kunstler & friends
Video Choir: A bunch of awesome and dedicated Torat Shraga talmidim

Source URL: https://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/dani-kunstler-ki-heim-chayeinu-official-musci-video/