DANCE UP A STORM – Eitan Katz Live in Jerusalem 2

by yossi | February 27, 2020 8:57 am

Singer and composer Eitan Katz (36) releases his “Eleventh” album – Live in Jerusalem 2. After 20 years of musical work and ten successful albums, Katz has become a great Kumzitser of our generation. Eitan is known for his soulful playing and his wonderful ability to connect people and spirit through sounds that come from the depths of the heart.

6 years ago, Katz convened 400 Yeshiva students for an exciting kumzits in Jerusalem, recorded and edited and known to us as “Live in Jerusalem” – the most successful and prominent kumzits album of its time. Now, Katz is restoring success with a live album that has served many and is entirely devoted to emotion and soul. Produced by Giant – “Live in Jerusalem 2“. During Succos, about 1,200 yeshiva students gathered at the Jerusalem Ramada Hotel to sing, thrill and transcend authentic Jewish music, which Katz insists on preserving. “A project of this magnitude, requires a great deal of work aimed at – to give a place of respect for emotional songs of Hasidic and Jewish music, unaffected by passing trends and remaining pure, won and faithful to the source.”

As part of the huge production, Eitan‘s close-knit musical team was flown from the United States, which connects Israel to local musicians and the result: fine music that penetrates deep into the soul.

“An electrifying atmosphere of 1,200 people singing and dancing with rare transcendence moments is very difficult to convey in the recording, so we put a lot of effort into editing recorded content and producing a video clip that attempts to illustrate and succeed, what happened at the moments of soul-poetry,” Katz concludes the experience and guarantees pleasure multiple and sweeping from the new album.

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