If You Have No Way Of Controlling What Will Happen In The First Place, Why Worry? Raphael Melloul “Daaga Minayin”

by yossi | January 26, 2022 10:06 am

For the second time this year Israeli singer Raphael Melloul, one of the most promising young singers in the Jewish and chassidic music industry, is returning a new single titled “Daaga Minayin“.
“The lyrics very, very much reflect my daily life,” Raphael explains. “Ultimately, a person who has faith, understands that he does not really have control over what happens in his life, and therefore, in advance there is no reason to be worried and preoccupied.” Hashem loves us, cares for us and therefore all worries and fears – unnecessary, contribute nothing and sometimes only depress us. Raphael says that in this time that is still unstable, and when the lives of all of us swing up and down – one must remember who runs the world, the fact that he is omnipotent and there is no other besides him, “and that in itself is supposed to calm and bring us peace.”

The new single is rhythmic, and with the ‘right groove’. The lyrics and melody were written by Eli Klein and arranged and musically produced by the talented duo in the chassidic music industry – Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry. The director and screenwriter of the playful music video is, as always, Sruli Broncher.
Where does the story come from? And I’ll wait for him. Raphael is currently performing in Israel and the United States, and is working with his director, Shmuel Peer, on his debut album, which will resonate in the Jewish music industry, which is due to be released in Israel this year.

ישועת ה׳ תבוא עלינו מלמעלה
דאגה מניין מרימים ידיים
מתפללים ומבקשים והוא שומע

כי אין לאן ללכת ואין לאן לחזור
רוצים להישען רוצים רק לעבור

כי הוא הכל יכול ואין עוד מלבדו
המלך של כולם לנצח לעולם

כי הוא הכל יכול ואין עוד מלבדו
המלך של כולם

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