In Conclusion of tThe Month of Simcha: Cantor Yaakov Motzen In A New Single/Music Video “Yismechu V’malchut’cha!

by yossi | April 4, 2019 2:54 pm

Composer Meir Martin Widerker doesn’t stand still and continues in creating interesting and diverse collaborations. Currently he presents “Yismechu V’malchut’cha” in an unique performance by world renowned Cantor Yaakov Motzen from New Jersey.

Yismechu V’malchut’cha” also belongs to the selection of excellent melodies from the Album series “Shabbat Hamalka” (“Queen Shabbat”) by the composer Meir Martin Widerker. This time, in conclusion of the month of joy, the production team under the direction of Israel Bergmann has chosen to present to the public a rhythmical song, full with a joyous scent of Shabbat.

The arrangement of “Yismechu V’malchut’cha” was written by pianist Menachem Bristowski, joined by the keyboardist Dvir Cohen and his band, which also took part in the musical production and in the filming of the music video.

Rejoice with us!

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