Chilik Frank – Pesach In Jerusalem

by yossi | March 12, 2012 10:12 am

It’s time to revolutionize the next Seder. Regenerate with more original songs of the Haggadah, beyond the familiar songs you learned back in pre school. Thirty days before Pesach and its time to prepare for it, certainly that can be applied to ‘cooking’ holiday tunes as well. Chilik Frank renowned clarinetist took the matter seriously. Pesach preparations began for him this year began early, about Succos time. After six months of hard work in the studio the new album is finally ready. Pesach In Jerusalem, a new album in a series of holiday tunes.

Many people wondered if there were more songs for the night of the seder other then the songs they learned in school as children. Chilik Frank discovered the reason; Pesach is a family holiday. Even the chasidic courts that used to get together every shabbos and yom tov, only did so with their family. So formed traditions of music unique to each community and rarely playing for Pesach last Hasidic one another. When Chilik began the work of the collection he had his work cut out for him. But it was worth it. Foraging are complex found a treasure; Different melodic rhythm of the rest of the times, and materials magic just go out to the public domain. Away Songs Seder includes familiar and favorite, entered the album also melodies associated with each air chodesh hoaviv, nigunim for Shvei Shel Pesach, nigubnim lemegillas Shir Hashirim and even things related to the days of the Omer.

The Chilik Frank series also boasts two previous albums; Purim In Jerusalem and Sukkot In Jerusalem. The first album has also reached gold status. The album also includes a little surprise. When you open it, you will find that the disk sits on a silver bowl-like order. Like its predecessors, the album comes out in two versions: an album with chassidic choir and an ALL INSTRUMENTAL album with NO vocals.

Instead of grumbling about slavery, begin to dance with the broom, lifting with Chilik until next Pesach and you’ll discover that the house was already clean.

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