Chaim Israel With A New Single “Matanot Hachayim”

by yossi | August 18, 2020 12:44 pm

Matanot Hachayim“, is a very new and personal single by Chaim Israel which talks about the father-son relationship, the growth of the son and the “toolbox” that his father supplies him with.

This song is in a musical style very different from the type that characterizes Chaim Israel, but surprisingly in the way Chaim makes this style work as well as everything else. An exciting song that calls for looking at the challenges that lie ahead
for us as the “Matanot Hachayim.” This song is being released ahead of Israel’s 21st album which is on the way.

Written and composed by: Rami Lev
Musical arrangement and production: Ran Carmi

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