Chaim Israel With A Exciting New Single “Shfiut”

by yossi | November 12, 2020 2:11 pm

Singer and composer Chaim Israel just released a new and exciting single “Shfiut.” This exciting and special ballad that expresses the soul-stirring and soft vocal ability of Chaim, and is sure to become a big hit.
The song was written by Netanel Yisrael, composed by Tal Segev and arranged by the great arranger Yaakov Lamai.
The single “Shfiut“, which expresses a dialogue between a Jew and Hashem- and the desire to erase the past and change for the future, joins the collection of previous released singles, “HaShabbat Sheli,” “Psiotai,” “Mitoch Tmimut,” “Melech Ozer,” and more, in preparation for his 21st album which will be released very soon.
“אלוקים תשמור אותי אהוב – האם אפשר למחוק מ ה שכתוב…”

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