Chaim Brown – Single: “Kol Tachninei”

by yossi | August 6, 2020 6:44 pm

Where do I start? On such an amazing song, full of soul, heart stirring, there’s not to much to add, but the people behind its production!
This beautiful medley ‘Kol Tachninei‘ is being released in light of so much heart tearing tragedies Klal Yisroel had gone through the past few months, with the whole Corona Pandemic, made us lose so many worthy to us, right after that with the terrible car accident where a young New Square Family was taken away from us on the way to a family Simcha, all these above made composer Duvid Feder realize that he should drop a song with some very heartfelt lyrics that will give in some Chizuk into our hearts in such stressful times.

Duvid reached out to producer & studio engineer ‘Avrumi Lunger‘ to take care on the whole production of the song, Avrumi quite new but yet top professional seems to have done an amazing job with involving the top high end in the industry starting from New Rising Star Singer Chaim Braun that made an extremely professional and Hartzige job well done on the vocals, arranger Yaron Gutfried for the musical arrangement and Yossi Glick from Shevach Studios for the choir arrangements, after all reading all these I know you’ve turned the ‘Repeat’ switch ‘On’!

Produced By: Avrumi Lunger
Song Composed by: Duvid Feder
Sung by: Chaim Braun & Duvid Feder
Music Arranged by: Yaron Gutfried
Vocal Recording by: Yossi Glick @ Shevach Studios
Mixed By: Shloime Braun
Cover Design by: Ari Breuer
YouTube Write-Up by: Yossi Shick.Digital Marketing by: Motty Klein @ MusicOnTime

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