California Shliach Releases Joyful Song of Teshuva In Time For Elul

by yossi | August 31, 2022 3:31 pm

The month of Elul can evoke feelings of apprehension. People worry, will my teshuva be accepted? Will I truly be ready for Rosh Hashana?

You Can Always Come Back Home,” the newest release from singer-songwriter-shliach Rabbi Yoey Muchnik, puts those concerns to rest. Teshuva is an occasion for joy! You can adopt a teshuva mindset in an instant! Hashem is waiting to welcome us with open arms! As the song says, “No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, you can always return to Him, you can always come back home.”

While slow, soulful songs of yearning to return are numerous in the canons of Jewish music, a catchy, upbeat song about doing teshuva joyfully is a welcome addition, and it is sure to excite and inspire the younger generation in particular. For after all, we are promised that “teshuva m’ahava” and “teshuva b’simcha” will bring the Geulah.

You will always want to “come back home” to this happy and uplifting song again and again throughout Elul and beyond!

“You Can Always Come Back Home”
Composer: Yoey Muchnik
Vocals: Yoey Muchnik
Production: Izzy D Studios
Cover Art: Moishe Muchnik

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