Bonei Olam – Neshomele feat. Uri Davidi & Dovid Kirschner

by yossi | March 23, 2022 2:25 pm

This week, Bonei Olam is running a week long campaign to raise much-needed funds to assist childless couples in Lakewood.
Imagine, for a moment, the pain of a childless couple.
Their lives are filled with anticipation. Heartbreak. Dashed dreams.
We have made it our mission, with Hashem’s help, to shatter that silence. And we need your assistance.
It is crucial that we be able to help these couples achieve their dearest dream. They are, in essence, outside looking in – at the happy daily routine of other families, at adorable children dressed in matching outfits on Yom Tov, at friends and siblings who have all
moved on in life.
Only they remain stagnant, isolated in a world of silence.
This past year in Lakewood, 49 Bonei Olam babies were born. Our goal is to be the emissaries to bring down to this world many more precious neshamos this year.

Become a partner with Bonei Olam! Help us reach our goal this week-

Released for Bonei Olam – Lakewood Chapter
Executive Producer: Boruch Goldberger
Sung by Uri Davidi and Dovid Kirschner
Original Song: Abie Rotenberg
New Lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Arranged and produced by Chayala Neuhaus – Cnote Studios
Vocals: Cnote Studios by Chesky Ifrah
Arrangements by: Zelig Privalsky
Video: Mint Media
Cinematography : Elimelech flamm
Editing and VX: Mordy Fisgus
Lighting and Staging: Dovi Abrams

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