BERI & Arele Samet – On The Way To Kerestir

by yossi | June 25, 2018 11:30 am

While there are tons of song about Uman and Reb Nachman that people sing while making the trek to Uman which enhance their spiritual trip, there seems to be very few if any song about Reb Shayale and Kerestir. While singer BERI Weber was on the way to Kerestir this year, his third trip, he started composing a tune on the way. Friends of his heard about this song and wanted to produce it and release it for the wold. Bentsi Shtein is responsible for producing and arranging the song. BERI is joined by fellow singer Aharle Samet and the talented voice of Israel’s Malchus Choir conducted by Reb Pinchas Bichler. The result will have you visiting Kerestir next year while singing and dancing to this upbeat song.

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