Benzion Klatzko – Friends [Official Music Video]

by yossi | January 24, 2022 4:01 pm

Composed and Performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Musical Arrangements by Yisroel Ament
Video by Benzion Klatzko

For the ones we love, who need our support!
There are times when even those that we love cannot help us. We have to go through challenges and difficulties on our own. But just having the knowledge that we have friends that are there to emotionally support us can give us the courage to overcome the pain and find the light at the end of the tunnel. May Hashem grant us each the gift of kind friendship!

Come to me my dear friend
Let me show you it is not the end
On my shoulder please rest your head
I’m here for you, no words need be said
When it seems there is no hope for tomorrow
And your life is filled with pain and sorrow
Take hold of my hand
You can be sure I will understand
Together as one
We will overcome
So cry out loud. don’t be ashamed
Times are hard you can’t be blamed
Don’t give up hope, your friends are near
We will comfort you, we will gather your tears
When it seems that life has lost its meaning
And you wish you could start for the beginning
Begin with me
And you will surely see
That with friends that are true
You will always pull through

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