Benny Friedman – Хорошо – Charasho [Official Music Video]

by yossi | July 21, 2021 9:26 pm

Charasho! Thank G-d, after quite some time – almost 2 years, we present to you the official music video of the runaway hit song, Charasho.
Originally, we were planning to film this video in Moscow Russia, in the town of Lubavitch. But then the whole world went crazy, and traveling out of the country wasn’t an option anymore. So we waited patiently for the world to go back to normal, and we waited and we waited. At a certain point we decided enough is enough, and we filmed the video in New York instead. Which is also Utchin Charasho!

Dedicated in loving memory of Rabbi Gershon Giter, OBM

Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Written by: Benny Friedman, Aliza Spiro, Mottel Friedman, Julia Miroshnichenko
Song Produced by: Avram Zamist
Musical Production by: Daniel Kapler
Arranged by: Daniel Kapler and Ian Freitor
Vocal Production: Doni Gross
Vocals recorded at: DeG Studios, NYC
Mixed and mastered at: PlayMasters Studio
Choir: Vlady Blayberg, Daniel Kaplar, Jenya Mironov, Alexander Butov, Stanislav Shimunov, Yakov Roytman, Kurban Nabiulin
Video production by Rivkin Media
Directed, filmed and edited by: Shlomo Chaim Rivkin
Co-Producer: Dovid Weinbaum, DW Production
Public Relations: I & Me Media
Set Designer, Props and Costumes: Chaya Friedfertig, Mussie Dubov
Construction Coordinator: Sol Roth
Choreographer: Vivake Khamsingsavath

Razvan Stoian
Caleb Patterson
Dylan Peyton
Simon Reed
Brian Castillo
Andy Santana
Sean Lanford
Eric Acevedo
Zach Rondas
Luca Villa

Musician Casting:
Danny Flam
Aaron Alexander

Danny Flam: Trombone and Chimbustang
Kai Sandoval: Trumpet
Steven D Duffy: Saxaphone
Akiva Hirsch: Upright Bass
Dave Levitt: Tuba
Peter Stan: Accordion
Jeremy Danneman: Clarinet
Segev Harosh: Mandolin

Productions assistants:
Mendy Kulski
Chana Gittel Lipsidge
Chana Ginsburg
Yitchak Shneorson
Mendi Thaler

Sponsorship manager:
Moshe Frank, Leviim Art Gallery

Special thank you to Chaim Farkas

Butcher Crown heights
Klein’s ice cream
Keter Judaica
Izzy’s smokehouse
Leviim art gallery

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