Ben Klein – Lecha (Official Video)

by yossi | November 12, 2020 11:35 am

The story behind the song:

Lately I have been listening to music from my youth and came across an old album that I used to love to listen to as a kid. It is called Neck and Neck which is a collaborative album by American guitarist legend Chet Atkins and British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knoplfer; two of my guitar inspirations.

One of the songs is called Tahitian Skies and I have always loved it. I recently learned to play it on the guitar, and have found myself playing it a lot.

I never travel without a guitar and made sure to bring one along during our most recent visit to Michigan to spend time with family. One night while sitting at the kitchen table with my in-laws talking about music, I had the chance to share this song and to play it for them. They both loved it. My mother-in-law was immediately inspired to put these beautiful words to the tune, and the idea to record it in the studio was born.

We hope that you enjoy.

Song Credits:
Original Song Composed by: Ray Flacke
Inspired by: Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins
Recorded and Produced by: Ben Klein
Album Artwork by: Eli Klein
Musical Interlude Composed by: Ben Klein
Special credit to my mother-in-law Mrs. Leah Lange for her lyrical input

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