Ben & Eli Klein – Harim Kadonag Namasu, Composed by: HaRav Hertzel Schechter Shlita

by yossi | September 29, 2020 8:29 am

This song is a precious gem composed by my grandfather, HaRav Hertzel Schechter, Shlita. It is an honor and privilege for me to be sharing his beautiful music with the world!

I worked together on this song with my son Eli who produced all of the drums, pianos, and even added some of his vocals!

The Story Behind the Song:

My amazing brother-in-law Yaakov Brown, who now lives in Israel, went over to visit my grandfather’s house a few months ago to interview him about some of his songs while he still had his strength.

My uncle, Rabbi Shragi Schechter, another great composer in his own right, was there with him at the time and shared the story behind this song.

Shragi was 17 years old at the time driving in a car with my grandfather through the hills of Yerushalayim. My grandfather said “look at the mountains. Problems and struggles in life can sometimes be as big and intimidating as mountains.

“But just like Hashem has the ability to melt mountains, He has the ability to melt our problems and struggles too!”

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Song Credits:
Composed by: HaRav Hertzel Schechter Shlita
Produced by: Ben and Eli Klein
Artwork by: Eli Klein

Prohibited to download / copy / duplicate
Please do not play on Shabbat or Jewish holidays

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