Baryo In A New & Optimistic Single Following The Situation In The Country “U’kshehakol Yistader”

by yossi | April 12, 2022 8:01 am

Baryo, born in Netanya and a resident of Ramat Gan, is a married father of two. He is also a talented composer, writer and composer, in the Jewish music industry has already managed to make a dent, with three albums and his songs that have become hits among the ultra-Orthodox religious public.

Now he is releasing a new single titled “U’kshehakol Yistader” which he has written and composed, and for the first time is collaborating with the arranger and music producer Tamir Tzur who is responsible for the musical arrangement and production.

Baryo’s new song is especially soothing and optimistic, instilling hope and sharpening for all of us that always at the end of the sun shines and the good comes.

Lyrics and melody: Baryo
Musical arrangement and production: Tamir Tzur

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