Barak Grossberg Atrikes Again! A New Video That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

by yossi | June 6, 2021 7:11 am

Chabad singer-songwriter and guitarist Barak Grossberg in a new single-video, which comes as a response to the recently increasing separation and a call for unity and acceptance of difference.

Just four months after releasing the single Keep The Order on the subject of the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach, Barak releases a new song The Golden Rule (And love your neighbor as yourself in English) on the subject of accepting and loving the different just as one loves himself, from the Chassidic vision as Hashem commands us. Both songs are from a new album that will be released soon.

Barak has been a Baal Teshuva for about 9 years, was born and raised in central Tel Aviv, started playing and performing on big stages from a young age, the son of the founder of the Israeli Rock Club, Shaul Grossberg, who produced shows for the best rock artists in the country. Barak plays two characters who meet perfectly – a rock artist and guitarist who does not fall short of the great rock artists and a Chabad follower who comes out with a statement of love and acceptance of difference out of faith in God in order to break the barriers that exist in the people and to show that connection and love of difference are possible.

The song was written in English out of an atmosphere of mission to bring the nations of the world together in changing their perception of the people of Israel and Judaism. The clipvideo was shot in a quality refreshing “one shot” style by the talented photographer Yanki Elharar.

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