Barak Cohen Calls For Ahavat Chinam With His New Single “Lo Levater”

by yossi | June 12, 2022 8:31 am

Singer and composer Barak Cohen releases another single that he composed for lyrics written for him by the songwriter Shmuel Yonah, while the invested arrangement and production, by Maestro Yoeli Dickman, who also co-composed the melody.

Cohen, who began his musical career at the age of 14, managed to release six albums. In recent years he has returned with a surprising comeback with the songs’ Tefilati‘ and ‘Lev Echad Gadol‘ which received a warm embrace from the audience.

Even in his new song “Lo Levater“, Cohen continues in his characteristic tradition – a powerful soul song adapted to the range of his unique voice.

Lyrics: Shmuel Yonah
Composer: Barak Cohen and Yoeli Dickman
Musical arrangement and production: Yoeli Dickman

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