Badchen Leiby Moskowitz Releases a Heartwarming Mitzvah Tantz Track!

by yossi | November 16, 2019 10:13 pm

Widely acclaimed badchen and composer Leiby Moskowitz releases another heartwarming musical production.

Here’s a fresh audio track of Leiby performing an amazing song collection twisted with emotional lyrics, Live at the Mitzvah Tantz of Hershy and Devoiry Stern on November 3rd, at The Keser Reizel Hall in Brooklyn.

Enjoy and Share.

Special Thanks: Mendy Reisman, Chaim Dovid Chatzkelson, Aron Karpen, Yitzchok Korenblue, Chananya Schiff, Moishy Lebowitz, Gedalya Weiser, Chesky Hershkowitz and Shmily Moskowitz.


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