“Geiut Vashefel” Avishai Eshel With His Fifth Single

by yossi | October 26, 2014 9:21 am

Singer Avishai Eshel just released the fifth single off his upcoming album, which he has been working o for two and a half years with the best people in the country music.

Geiut Vashefel” is a Greek-style single composed and arranged by Eran Carmi with lyrics by Rami Lev.

“Yesh Tamim Yamim Shel Geiut, V’yamim Shel Shefel V’ani Kemo Yeled Shmazil Dimah Besaser”

Off the upcoming album, four singles have already been released “Hashem Echod,” “Ahavat Chinom[1],” “Ki Ata Kol Hachayim Sheli,” and “Odeni Yeled[2].”

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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  1. Ahavat Chinom: http://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/avishai-eshel-releases-single-ahavas-chinom/
  2. Odeni Yeled: http://www.thejewishinsights.com/wp/avishai-eshel-odeni-yeled/

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