AVINU MALKENU – Mendy Portnoy ft Avraham Balti

by yossi | September 8, 2020 11:14 am

In a moment of madness last week, I booked a four hour session at the Yellow Submarine JLM with the goal of recording a live Solo Piano album with popular tunes from the upcoming High Holidays. I had no real plan. A few song suggestions but that was about it – I wanted to just play from my heart. To completely improvise – whatever would come out, that’s what would be on the album.

Two days before I sent a message to Avraham Balti – an absolutely incredible world famous Chasidic Clarinet player to ask if he’d do me the honor of joining me for a couple of songs – thankfully he agreed!

We knew of each other through mutual friends but had never actually met and this was our first time playing together.

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I hope this track brings some small amount of inspiration/comfort/calm or whatever else it is you might need in right now as we head into this period.

With love,

Recorded by Dor Y. Caplan
Mixed by Ben Wallick
Filmed by Michio Nagata

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