Avi Hass’s Debut Album Wins The Hearts Of Fans: Laalot Bahar

by yossi | December 1, 2020 9:24 am

Singer and composer Avi Hass is releasing his debut album ‘Laalot Bahar‘. The new album features twelve song, all the fruit of Hass’ own melodies and in his acoustic and unique style. From the variety of melodies, those who touched him personally were chosen in the hope of touching many hearts. Menachem Safra was in charge of the musical arrangement and production.

For more than a decade, the singer and composer Avi Hass (25) has been playing, singing and writing, and performing at a variety of events. He has always been connected to music and from a young age was a songwriter. “When you compose a song without knowing it will ever be recorded and be part of an album, it allows the melody to be real and honest.”

From many parties with friends, invitations began to arrive for events that sought precisely his unique style, and since then Avi‘s meetings and performances have begun to gain momentum, so that in his impressive resume there are many meetings in yeshivas and ‘unions’ of yeshivot, and many other events. Although he never aimed for the world of weddings, he found himself at the request of chatanim making up orchestras and performing weddings which are also of course – faithful to the style and genre. At the same time, he began recording his songs in an orderly fashion, of which three singles have already been released which have been very successful. ‘Shabbat‘, ‘Anim Zmirot‘ and ‘Yonati‘ in a duet with Aaron Razel.

These days, Avi Hass‘ full debut album ‘Laalot Bahar‘, which includes a dozen songs, is all the fruit of Avi‘s own melodies and in his unique acoustic style that has won many hearts. “The goal is to reach the heart of the listeners,” says Avi. “In the hard work of choosing the melodies, I chose the ones that touched me the most, that I found myself singing them and connecting through them to a world bigger than me. I sincerely hope that others who will hear and sing, will get from them what I myself received from the songs.”

In the album booklet, Avi added short articles and oil paintings by his brush to each of the songs, which can complete the inspiration and serve as another way to connect to the rich world beyond sounds. The arrangements and musical production of the album were made together with the musician Menachem Safra and it was produced with the help of the Foundation for the Support of Art and Music.

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