Ata Kadosh – Levi Cohen (Prod. by Yossi) [Official Single]

by yossi | May 24, 2021 11:42 am

In these times of suffering and pain, we realize & understand that we know nothing, we know nothing besides for there is one creator, the King of Kings, and he is everywhere and takes care in detail. Now is a time better than any to recognize that “His honor fills the world” & “Hashem reigns forever”. This single is Leulei Nishmas all the holy neshomos that passed from the beginning of Corona, the Meron tragedy till the Givat Zeev tragedy including my Uncle Yehuda Binyamin Ben Avrohom z”l.

Please join me in giving glory to the only one, and may he bring the final redemption speedily in our days, Amen.

The incredible Yossi Shick producing one of my own recently composed songs, ever since we met a couple years ago I’ve loved & appreciated Yossi‘s energy & devotion together with our arranger Yanki Steinmitz to make a dream happen, it’s been an honor & a privilege working with such a great team. Thank you and be blessed.

Levi Cohen

Produced & Directed by: Yossi Shick
Composed & Sung by: Levi Cohen
Vocals Recorded at Yanky Cohen Studios
Vocal Production: Yossi Shick
Music Arranged by: Yanky Steinmetz
Drums: Yiftach Dekel
Guitars: Amit Peled
Bass: Yossi Mosessohn
Keys & Programming: Yanky Steinmetz
Backup Vocals: Levi Cohen & Yossi Shick
Arranged by: Yanky Steinmetz & Yossi Shick
Additional Keys & Additional Back-up Vocals: Udi Damari
Mixed & Mastered by: Udi Damari
Design & Artwork by: ArrangeIt.Media

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