Assaf Shefer In A Refreshing Performance In Honor of Shabbos “Yedid Nefesh”

by yossi | September 1, 2022 10:41 am

Singer Assaf Shefer performs with moving and pleasant singing a little taste of the poem Yedid Nefesh in the original and well-known performance of the great chasidic singer Avraham Fried which is sung in almost every home every Shabbat and composed by the great Yossi Green.

The idea for the new performance of the song came after Assaf was called by the gabbai of the shul to sing Shabbat Nigunim along with the crowd of mispallelim, when it is the local custom for children and adults to come up to say a Torah verse of about two minutes after the Shabbat Mincha prayer.

Assaf sang, and the mispallelim joined in and the Shabbat atmosphere was warm and uplifting at the end of the shiur. From this an idea of tradition was born, two minutes of songs and melodies for the rest of the soul.

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